MCS Software

MCS Spectrum Analyzer Software

Spectrumanalyser-Software "MCS"


The category "MCS" offers you detailed information about our new Spectrumanalyzer-Software "MCS". The MCS comes with a lot of new features, like Provider-Display, measurement profiles, Limits, which make your daily work with the SPECTRAN Spectrum Analyzers much more comfortable.



Here you can find the MCS manual online!


Release Version of the Aaronia Spectrumanalyzer Software "MCS" is now available. You can download and test the software for free.

Software for remote control of Spectrum Analyzers

Aaronia Spectrum Analyzer Software

EMF Monitor Software - Perfect for remote control of Aaronia Spectrum Analyzers


The „EMF-Monitor“ allows a monitoring of multiple sites (multiple Aaronia SPECTRAN RSA units) from one centralized location, making it the perfect tool e.g. for telecom providers who needs to test the signal strength of several base stations at once or „just“ a powerful EMC monitoring.



Firmware Updates

Free SPECTRAN Firmware-Updates


Firmware updates for SPECTRAN Spectrum Analyzers. New versions of the firmware could fix bugs, offer new features or increase the accuracy.