NEW: Firmware-Updater for SPECTRAN Series

Firmware - Updater for all SPECTRAN devices


ATTENTION: To be able to perform a firmware update (update of the internal software of the SPECTRAN unit), you have to install the SPECTRAN USB driver which is included into the MCS - software package or in the download section under the catagory "Driver" (!manual driver installation!)!


Please download the latest version of the Firmware-Updater from the download area. Unzip the file with a suitable program (like 7zip, WinRar,...) to your PC and start the installation. Now connect the SPECTRAN to your PC and turn it on.


Run the updater via double click to the .exe file.


Your SPECTRAN device would be automatically detected.


Included firmware versions:


SPECTRAN HF V3: Version 2.2


SPECTRAN NF:      1.0


It is recommended to perform a factory reset before attempting an update (using the "Setup" -> "Factor" menu entry).

During the update please follow the instructions in the updater.


You can find a detailed update history of the firmware in the Firmware-Updater or on the following pages:

V3 update historyV4 update historyNF update history

Firmware reset instructions
Firmware reset instructions
Download Firmware-Updater SPECTRAN Series
Vers.: 1.20 / Size:7MB