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spectrum v4 remote connection

PostPosted: Thursday 21. July 2016, 22:28
by telehub

Im having a problem connecting to the remote connection with the spectrum v4, i checked the linux if was having a config problem and it didnt come with MYSQL AND APACHE, so yeah i will not have access to any web interface of the analyzer( by the way im not having problem with the local USB connection) via port 80 and also it didnt come with any server client setup to access via port 2308.

there is any solution that i can handle myself to not contact the support from the people that sold me this device?

thank you

Re: spectrum v4 remote connection

PostPosted: Monday 25. July 2016, 12:25
by mm_dev
What exactly did you buy?
Where did you buy it?
What are you attempting to do?