Get the frequency sweeps

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Get the frequency sweeps

Postby devspec » Monday 15. September 2014, 09:44


I'm using C++ Builder 2007 as IDE (therefore bcc32 compiler), on Windows XP 32bit w/ SP3 machine. I have problem with obtaining the sweep values from SPECTRAN HF-60105 V4 X. The problem is, that I haven't seen any function neither in the Spectran_API_Documentation.pdf nor anywhere else for that. I have tested the aaronia-sdk-beta-3 written in Qt 4.7 environment, I saw that it works fine. But I also saw that in the aspectran.dll and aspectran.lib there is a lot of Qt classes, that aren't described anywhere. I'm sure there are sweep obtainig and processing functions (like ASweepProcessor class), but I don't know how to use them and which one to use in my C++Builder project.

Could you help me with this - sweep obtaining from the SPECTRAN device in my C++Builder project.

I attached my project to see what I have done till now.

Thank you in advance!

Best Regards!
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Re: Get the frequency sweeps

Postby mm_dev » Wednesday 17. September 2014, 09:49

If you're working directly with the FTDI d2xx interface you can get data from the Spectran by setting variable 0x20 to 1 (using the SETSTPVAR command as listed in the Spectran_API documentation) and then parse the incoming data packages (replies of type 0x22 or 0x23).

If you want to use the beta ASDK you will have to use the correct Qt version and a compatible compiler. Most of the relevant ASDK classes are documented in the included HTML documentation and/or the example projects. Of course the standard Qt classes are not covered there, for those please refer to the relevant Qt documentation.
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Re: Get the frequency sweeps

Postby devspec » Friday 3. October 2014, 12:32

Thank you for your reply,

but the exact problem of mine is to get the data packets from the Spectran device to parse them in consequence. As you've seen, I'm using FTDI library to communicate with it. I've set USBMEAS var. with SETSTPVAR command already. I'm using FT_GetStatus and then FT_Read. But there aren't bytes sent to my device handle (RxCount = 0).

With USB analyzer software I can see that Spectran sends packet buffers with size 4096 bytes. But I can't obtain them in my C++Builder app.

After every FT_Write command Spectran always responds to my device handle (when I send VERIFY command e.g.). But I can't use AMPFREQDAT or PHYFREQDAT in that way.

Do you have any idea where the problem comes from?

Thank you!
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