aaronia sdk in C langage !!

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aaronia sdk in C langage !!

Postby Razi » Monday 25. June 2012, 14:52

can you provide to us , a simple C langage code, to trace the spectrogram (just like aaronia sdk beta1, because i am usin LabWindowsCVI, ??
its difficult to do that without and i realy need it?
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Re: aaronia sdk in C langage !!

Postby mm_dev » Monday 25. June 2012, 15:43

Not without a lot of work to replace all the Qt abstraction layers and mechanisms, and our development ressources are quite limited.
Things like memory management, automatic callbacks, thread handling and other Qt features would have to be reimplemented from scratch, which is not doable for us in the forseeable future.
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