...recorded-load...different spectrum...different computers

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...recorded-load...different spectrum...different computers

Postby mishans » Friday 28. October 2011, 15:53

One question please.
How is it possible that the same recorded *. ldt file when the load shows two different spectrum in two different computers?...significantly different!
Settings are the same on both machines..all is the same...

If you want to leave me a email or I will throw on PM both spectrum images and *. ldt file

LCS Spectrum Analyzer (HF) Version
SPECTRAN® HF-2025E (700MHz to 2,5GHz)
Radial Isotropic Broadband-Antenna OmniLOG® 90200 (700MHz-2,5GHz)

[2 MTS GSM900 SRB]
StartFreq = 939.5
StopFreq = 949.1
Sweeptime = 500
Pulsemode = 1
ResBW = 300 kHz
VidBW = 3 MHz
FrequencyData = GSM900 Frequency List
Thanks in advance.
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Re: ...recorded-load...different spectrum...different computers

Postby Moderator » Friday 28. October 2011, 17:22

There MUST be a difference in some settings otherwise you would see the same spectrum since the recorded data are identical.
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