LCS saves no sweep file information?

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LCS saves no sweep file information?

Postby Moderator » Thursday 23. December 2010, 19:49

I am using the LCS PC software I recently downloaded from you website.
1. I have saved multiple recordings. When saving the recording, I entered important information in the “Recording Informations” screen that asks for Titel, Place, Date, Name, Comp, Department & comment. When I load a saved recording, I need to see the information I entered. How do I see this information?
a. I have gone to “File” and then clicked on “Recording Informations” and the table comes up blank.
b. I have looked at the raw data file with notepad and excel and there doesn’t appear to be any of this information listed in the raw file.

When saving the file, I placed a line of text in the “Titel” field such as: 4east-pcs-a

Do you ask for and then not save this information within the file?
Is this information lost?

This seems to be a bug in the LCS not storing those datas.
Since the LCS is not supported any more you have to wait for the next MCS release where you can store sweeps and even add much more information.
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