RTSA Suite needs FTD2XXL.dll and does not start

All about the new Aaronia Real Time Spectrum Analyzer Software "Aaronia RTSA-Suite" exclusive for the SPECTRAN V5

RTSA Suite needs FTD2XXL.dll and does not start

Postby Moderator » Wednesday 2. March 2016, 08:29

Please forward this attachment to your programming team.
They most likely know about it, the V5 windows software will not work on any of my windows7 laptops.
Runs fine on desktop.

You only need to install the FTDI USB driver, which you can download at http://spectran-developer.net/ftp/drive ... _Setup.zip then it will work fine.

You can also use the FTDI website at http://www.ftdichip.com/Drivers/D2XX.htm to get the driver package needed.
V5 Software error.png
FTD2XXl dll is missing
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