Emergency firmware restore button sequence?

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Emergency firmware restore button sequence?

Postby Tmax » Tuesday 16. August 2016, 00:58


Tried updating the firmware using MacOSX 1.64 app and now the green light is stuck on.
Software does not recognize the device is in boot loader mode and trying to use the device report incompatible firmware.

Again the green light is always on now, even after a power down.

Is there a special power button sequence to restore default shipping firmware?

Something like the rescue firmware option in the V5 firmware updater.

Tried using the Windows version of the Generator software and have the same problem.
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Re: Emergency firmware restore button sequence?

Postby mm_dev » Tuesday 16. August 2016, 09:20


apparently there was a fatal error during the update process. We recommend you return the device for repairs, please contact mail@aaronia.de for instructions.
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