NEW Desktop RDSA Series RF Signal-Generator up to 14GHz

Aaronia RF-Generator and Field Strength Generator solutions up to 14GHz

NEW Desktop RDSA Series RF Signal-Generator up to 14GHz

Postby Moderator » Monday 20. October 2014, 12:20

Aaronia RDSA Desktop RF SIGNAL-GENERATOR series coming soon!

- Small desktop size, battery powered and INTELLIGENT stand alone RF generator up to 14GHz.
- Can be programmed with simple or very complex batch programs which start automatically after every power on (e.g. generate a fixed frequency and level OR start a specific sweep etc. etc.).
- Can be used as frequency and power level calibrator.

- Frequency range: 23,5MHz to 14GHz (3 versions)
- Up to 18dBm output power (female SMA-Connector).
- Highest power level: +18dBm.
- Smallest power level: -60dBm.
- Up to 70dB dynamic range.
- Onboard TCXO for high stability frequency accuracy
- Can be connected to External Reference Clock for even higher accuracy (female SMA-Connector)
- Onboard CPU and memory for intelligent self running profiles.
- Stand alone operation (no PC or USB connection required).
- Battery operation up to 4h (optional 20h)
- USB connector for realtime PC control or for storing programs.
- USB charger available
- External 12V power charger for unlimited operation.
- Can be operated from 12V Car and Truck power system.
- High End CNC cut housing from solid aluminum
- Very small form factor. Only about 200x140x20mm
- Great design
- Made in Germany
- 10 years warranty
RDSG Desktop RF Signal Generator Series: Choose from 3 different types up to 14GHz
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