How to turn off the Peak Supression?

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How to turn off the Peak Supression?

Postby Moderator » Wednesday 4. March 2015, 08:30

As you can see on attached picture, we sent the command to the device without using MCS software and we get the answer “AINFO:SupressionDisabled”. But, according to the spectrum, this option is still enable. What’s going on?
How can i turn off the Peak Supression?

The internal Peak Suppression turned off by default when the Spectran networkserver starts up. You can enable or disable the internal Peak Suppression by sending the command: SPEC:CALC:PSUP or SPECTRAN:CALC:PEAKSUPPRESSION. Both should work.

0 = disable
1 = enable
? = read current setting

Make sure that you write a space between command string and parameter and that the commandline ends with the AP_PKG_SEP ('\n').

Enable Suppression : SPEC:CALC:PSUP 1\n
Disable Suppression : SPEC:CALC:PSUP 0\n

If you forget to send the '\n' at the end, the package will be ignored by the server.
How can i turn off the Peak Supression?
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