Increasing sample rate for GPS Position

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Increasing sample rate for GPS Position

Postby peterj » Monday 18. April 2016, 15:05

I would like to increase the sample rate for GPS Position. (GPRMC basically)
I'm using FTD2XX Driver and its API.
According to documentation and my test changing the sampling rate with "$PAAG,MODE,RATE,10" changes only rate of "$PAAG,DATA" sentences.

Is this feature going to be implemented in a firmware upgrade?

How can I download only the driver without the "GPS Logger Software" ?

Thank you in advance
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Re: Increasing sample rate for GPS Position

Postby Moderator » Monday 18. April 2016, 21:52

A higher GPS rate will be possible with a new hardware (in development) only.

The FTDI website offers the latest driver for download.
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