Does Aaronia GPS Data Logger work with gpsd?

Aaronia GPS and Data-Logger (also logging/including: Gyro, Tilt, Air Pressure, Height, Speed, Digital Compass)

Does Aaronia GPS Data Logger work with gpsd?

Postby MauroD » Wednesday 12. December 2018, 00:27

Hello people, I developing a software which will communicate with the Aaronia GPS so I started reading the "Aaronia GPS Logger Programming Guide". There I found the protocol uses the NMEA 0183 syntax, so I read the entry for this topic in Wikipedia and I found there are many developed applications to get data from a GPS receiver, one of them is gspd which is for Unix-like system and is very popular.
In the official website of gpsd, it is said that the app supports the NMEA 0183 syntax. So, can I use this software to configure and get datum from the Aaronia GPS device? Or, do I have to develope a user-defined software to do that, using the D2XX driver?
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