MDF Antennas: How to convert the dB A/m caldata?

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MDF Antennas: How to convert the dB A/m caldata?

Postby Moderator » Friday 7. August 2015, 10:27

Dear Aaronia team
I found this in the documentation

Conversion factor: 1 (0 dB A/m is 0dBm)
Impedance: 50 Ohm

But, my spectrum analyzer need a Factor in dB (dB/Ωm) In order to read Volt from a value of field in dB(A/m)
Could you please provide me this value or the equation to get it ?

Thats simple:

dBµA/m = dBµV + AF
dBµV/m = dBµA/m + 51,5 (But please note that the MDF antennas have a large E-Field supression of about 25 to 50dB, see data sheet to get the values at a specific frequency)
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