NEW radial isotropic antenna "OmniLOG 70600" coming soon!

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NEW radial isotropic antenna "OmniLOG 70600" coming soon!

Postby Moderator » Thursday 29. August 2013, 09:41

We will soon present our latest OmniLOG generation "OmniLOG 70600" with highly expanded frequency range up to 6GHz.
This new antenna will cover the complete 2G/3G/4G cellular, Wi-Fi, ISM and GNSS bands within its range.

Frequency range: 680MHz to 6GHz
Polarisation: Radial ISOTROPIC
Connector: Standard SMA (male)
Dimension: 150x60x6mm
Price: 249,95 Euros
radial isotropic antenna "OmniLOG 70600" covering 680MHz to 6GHz
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