Canopy dimensions and screening strength

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Canopy dimensions and screening strength

Postby Moderator » Friday 7. May 2010, 21:51

regarding your EMC Canopy made from your
Aaronia-Shield material: Your model that you label "Luxury rectangle for
double bed with bedstand", this model is 3 by 2.2 by 2.2 meters,
correct? Is it 3 meters in height, or along one horizontal dimension?
What I would like is one that is 2.2 meters in height, 2.2 meters in
width but 3 meters in length. Can you provide this?
Would it be your estimation that a bedchamber thus equiped, would provide complete safety
from any listening or tracking devices that may have been planted within it?

All rectangular canopys have a hight of 2,2m. 3m is the width of the luxury version.
All our canopys offer a very very good damping of 50dB (99,999%).
It depends on the output power of the transmitter and the reciever sensitivity if this 50dB are enough to offer "complete safety".
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