Device Driver Installation Failure ?

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Device Driver Installation Failure ?

Postby stb » Thursday 8. July 2010, 20:30

If you have troubles installing the SPECTRAN- Device- Drivers for Windows (also known as the FTDI- Device- Drivers) there are two tips to fix the problem. The cause for uncommon Driver- Installation problems is usually a messed up Windows Registry / Driver- Database; sometimes following Tip 1 is enough but if Windows behaves somewhat bullish, Tip 2 pushes it a bit harder ;)

As a side node, it is always recommended to only use the Software- Installer even though you can find a Stand- Alone driver package at our FTP Server.

Tip 1

- Download the latest version of our Software- Installer for Windows from
- Download and read the Software- Installer- Documentation from
- Run the Software- Installer as descried by the documentation

... and if this is not enough....

Tip 2

Caution! The following Tip will remove _all_ FTDI Drivers from your system and you might have to reinstall respective drivers according to your Hardware- Setup

- Download from
- Extract die File with any ZIP- Software e.g. WinZip
- Run FTClean.exe to remove all traces left over by previous FTDI- Driver installations
- Reboot and follow Tip 1 afterwards.
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