Fixing a firmware crash (no display)

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Fixing a firmware crash (no display)

Postby Moderator » Tuesday 31. August 2010, 08:18

If your SPECTRAN shows no display after a firmware crash please use this instruction to reset it:

    Unplug the batterie
    Unplug the power supply
    Connect the SPECTRAN with the PC via USB cable
    Connect the power supply again to the SPECTRAN
    Press ENTER and ON at the same time on the SPECTRAN. The SPECTRAN will now connect to the PC but the SPECTRAN will show no display. If it dosent connect try above stepps again untill it connects.
    Finaly update the firmware again and it should work fine. Do NOT! use the LCS software for the firmware update!
    Press the menue button directly at start and activate factory reset in the menu of the SPECTRAN
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